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Hello, my name is Jenn Bowers and it's so nice to meet you!

  • I am a Web Developer in the upstate of South Carolina. In the Spring of 2017, I earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Anderson University, and then continued my journey to Web Development at The Iron Yard, an immersive coding bootcamp. There I learned the fundamentals of both Front and Back-End Engineering, and chose to focus on learning Java as my second programming language (JavaScript being my first).

    My favorite part of development is working behind the scenes to make someone's life just a little bit easier, and finding the logic to make everything work exactly the way they imagined. I love building databases, solving problems, and learning more languages along the way. Moving forward, I'm excited to work with a company that helps people, believes in what they offer, and doesn't mind having fun in the process.

    Want to see more of what I've been working on? Take a look at my GitHub!


Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to hear from you, whether about my work, your work, where to find the best holiday socks, or just to say hello. So shoot me an email and I will respond as soon as I can.