SoundBox- International Style Magazine

Work in groups of four individuals to create a magazine publication relating to a famous era of graphic design history.
My team was provided the International Style for our era/style of design. We chose to create a magazine for the deaf, done in the International Style, that interprets music visually. The International Style was meant to be a type of design that could be used around the world and get the ideas and feelings of the design across no matter where in the world you were or what language you spoke. Although music is said to be universal, and that you can connect to anyone through music, there is an audience that isn't always being served. We wanted to provide a way to make every type of music truly universal through a visual interpretation of music done in a style that knows no borders.
We chose four popular genres of music and showed how each genre of music had similar core concepts as the International Style. Within each genre, we compared specific International Style designers to specifc artists from that musical genre. Lastly, for each musical artist we chose a song of theirs and interpreted it visually using key elements of International Style design.
Done in collaboration with Frances Stephens, Mike Burch, and Sundari Harris.
Classical Music
Designer: Armin Hofmann
Musician: Ludovico Einaudi
Song: "Night"
Hip Hop Music
Designer: Emil Ruder
Musician: Run-D.M.C.
Song: "It's Tricky"
Country Music
Designer: Hans Neuburg
Musician: Taylor Swift
Song: "Love Story"
Punk Music
Designer: Wim Crouwel
Musician: Rise Against
Song: "Savior"

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