The Women of Letters: DVD Series

Create packaging, inserts, and disc labels for 4 DVDs in a series emulating the style of Plexifilm. These DVDs would examine the famous designers: Louise Fili, Jessica Hische, Paula Scher, and Jessica Walsh.
No one really expected much from these women when they started out, whether because of their gender or their age, but each one came into the world of Typography and conquered it, making it their own. They all quickly rose in position and became extremely well-known for their groundbreaking styles and talents in design and lettering.
Drawing from articles and interviews with these women from The Great Discontent online magazine, I created The Women of Letters DVD series highlighting the advice that Fili, Hische, Scher, and Walsh gave on how to become a better designer. Included inside each DVD case is a 12 page booklet with an interview* with the designer and samples of their work. 
Louise Fili: design + passion
"Follow your heart. You have to combine design with passion, otherwise, there's no reason to be a designer."
Jessica Hische: educate + celebrate
"I want to do as much as I can to educate people to appreciate and celebrate the niche parts of the design world."
Paula Scher: intelligence + expectations
"If we can raise the expectation of what something can be, then we've done a huge service for our community."
Jessica Walsh: persistence + curiosity
"Work your a** off; be persistent; stay curious; challenge yourself; and most importantly, have a lot of fun."
*All interview content provided by The Great Discontent online magazine. To access these articles follow the links below:

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